Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan decided to trash themselves on social media. In an Instagram post, the Tanzanian singer, Diamond accused his wife Zari of cheating on him as he shared a photo of Zari with another mystery man seemingly enjoying themselves in a pool. (more…)

“The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man,” he wrote alongside the controversial photo. Zari has since taken to the same platform to explain the photo.

“He is my kids’ uncle, the late’s cousin And I happened to meet them at a spa. When you are that IT loyal gal, someone will always find fault when it’s not there just to cover and turn around stories of all the dirty they do behind you back.”


Meanwhile, Diamond had previously hinted that all is not well in his marital home after he revealed that Zari was no longer the real love of his life. Trouble reportedly started after the death of Zari’s ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga. Rather than head home to Diamond, Zari jetted off to South Africa and it seems that the two haven’t seen each other since. It is said she is living in Ivans house.

Source: InstaBlog9ja