Let your dance win you something beautiful and shoot you into a new light, while you do what you love to do, dancing is life, it’s time to show us how much you can dance and how much your dance can influence gbegbeti. (more…)

It’s the gbegbeti dance competition and it’s about having fun and making a beautiful video that will get you something beautiful an iPhone 7 and all you just have to do is having fun dancing to the GbeGbeti song by Femilee, just a one minute video will get you that.

So first download the audio on http://shakarasquare.com/new-music-femilee-gbegbeti-prod-antras/ and create a one-minute video that you’ll upload to Instagram and tag @shakarasquare @nabirerecordz @itz_femilee using the hashtag #gbegbetidancecompetition and also the many like is a better chance of you winning, all you just have to do is be creative getting your many likes.

Winners will be picked by the team of judges and your number of likes, so keep those videos coming and let’s see how much you can dance.