Michael Bayo Manuwa who goes by the stage name Hero One, is a music producer and also an artiste. He has just dropped his latest single titled – “Motivation”.

He encourages his fans to be a source of motivation to themselves. This mad tune was produced by himself (Hero One) and Ayo Bandit and it was Mixed by DON C.



Motivation  (Motivate Yourself)

Hook: (call & – response style)
Kilo man fun e ni gingah
– Make you motivate yourself
Cant stop nananana
– Make you Motivate Oh Hey
One time for the gingah
– Make you motivate yourself
Na wetin dey give you the gingah
– Make you Motivate Oh Hey

Verse 1:
Eyan Workaholiix
I’ve  been on my grind like All day
So i farabale with the moet
No dey do ganranganran like Messi when we balling
Lord have mercy we working on sunday
As the pressure they boil on a Monday
Gat the Club going up on a TUESDAY
Enter studio do a song on a Wednesday
THURSDAY Shawty funmi ni inspiration
Don perignon pelu Calidon
Eyin temi gast to fall in odi dandan
We go party  taba ti ri confirmation
Bad boy Oga Boss bi Sean John
Anytime you see me make you come tell me

Repeat Hook

Verse 2:
ah don get my murda efing juice back
6 billion over six packs
Kilo manfun e ni gingah
Gucci pelu prada
Or brand new shoes and bag
Na time to brag
Private  Jet for my family
Everything  soft like a cushion
Now we be sitting on top
Ebenimobe malo bebe scout
Feeling  so good now you feeling like a tout
Moti fa skushi Moti mu small stout
Me i dont smoke loud so you know i cant shout
Drop top in a new benz
Cant stop no no no no no no
Rolling with my gees and no lele
Dem dey do ganranganran

Repeat Hook twice