Ex Big Brother Naija housemates, TBoss and Miyonse who were romantically involved with each other in the house took to their Instagram accounts to share their favourite moments together.
TBoss was the person who started it, when she posted:

“My favourite teeyonse moment would have to be, without a doubt that moment when Miyonse walks into the arena after thinking that I had been evicted, when he saw me, he was wearing shorts & a towel on his shoulder & a really sad face on, d way he screamed “Baby” and ran to hug me. He whispered how he had been so scared that I had left. Mahnnn that was such a bear hug, he had this very happy look on his face and at that moment I knew in my heart that this guy was my friend. Silly boy but my friend nonetheless…
@miyonsea now let’s hear yours”

Then she asked Miyonsea to post his, which he did:

“Usually I’d never do this openly but Tee has forced my hands. I had countless moments with you but one that stunned me was some weeks after my eviction and the Usual truth or dare game was on. I remember i tuned in when Tee said “the person I want to kiss is not on this table”. I remember having a goodnight rest and sleeping like a baby”