Despite Social Media melting down because of the news of her 7-years marriage going down the drain, Mercy Aigbe has declared that life goes on.

The actress/mother of 2, has revealed that she’s fulling returning to work after her marital drama.

Meanwhile, she has revealed the extent of the injuries she sustained during the last violent attack from her husband, Lanre Gentry, which of course drew the media attention. SEE more after the cut…

The actress has also disclosed that the case is currently being handled by the appropriate authorities.

She also disclosed she stayed in the violent relationship because of her children.

Responding to people saying she should slow down.. She posted this photo and then captioned it:

“Did I hear someone say slow down? Even the Devil can’t stop me.”

“The case is no longer between my husband and I. It is now between the Office of Public Defenders, Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and my husband. The officer is the one handling the case,” she said.

“I endured all the things that I went through in his hands because of my children and also because of the fact that people look up to me as a role model. I have been through a lot and I pray and fast a lot so that things would go on smoothly. I have been praying and enduring a lot but this last time, the beating was brutal and he almost killed me.”