Earlier today, Social Media was on fire after Debie-Rise endorsed a comment that said Efe’s music career was a dead end.

The comment reads: “This is an already dead career in rapping and even music” … and then Debie-Rise liked the comment, thus making it seem like she endorsed the comment.

Apparently, the Efe nation weren’t finding this funny as they lambasted her from all corners of the universe.

Now, Debie has taken responsibilities for her actions and apologized, even though she claims it wasn’t hers, she said she was sorry, and hopes to earn the forgiveness of Efe Nation.

She shared a video on Instagram with her new boo Bassey in the picture, and captioned it :

“Love is our weapon!
Silence is our Strength!! Rising is our game!!! All the Risers, Can U Say Waaaawuuuu!”