It seems Bobrisky and His Bestfriend, Mc Galaxy are about to start a social media war, as their friendship appears to have turned sour.

Yesterday, MC Galaxy shared a video on his Instagram where he performed a song off his new album, MMM.. and in the song he said :
“After 9 months, we born twins o… fine fine baby, we no go born Bob.. ri.
we no go born Bobri… e too risky.”
Immediately after Bobrisky saw this, he unfollowed MC Galaxy on Instagram He also deleted McGalaxy’s photo which he put up on his IG a few days ago to celebrate his birthday.

Bobrisky has been “a loyal” friend to MC Galaxy, as he heavily promotes the singer ’ s track on his snapchat. Recall, Bobrisky also appeared in Galaxy’s new video “Oya Snap”.

It doesn’t end there.. When Bobrisky threw his multi – million naira housewarming party. MC Galaxy was there and he sprayed the self-acclaimed king of snapchat with lotta bills.

So what went wrong?