Genie Bouchard a Tennis pro has slammed Maria Sharapova as a “Cheater” who should NEVER be allowed to play pro tennis ever again.

After serving a 15 months suspension for testing positive for a banned substance, Maria Sharapova returns to pro tennis on Wednesday. READ more after the cut…

A 2014 Wimbledon finalist, Genie Bouchard told TRT World that Sharapova got off way too easy.

“She’s a cheater and so to me … I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again,” Bouchard said.

“It’s so unfair to all the other players who do it the right way and are true. So, I think from the WTA it sends the wrong message to young kids — cheat and we’ll welcome you back with open arms.”

“I don’t think that’s right and … [she’s] definitely not someone I can say I look up to anymore because that’s definitely ruined it for me a little bit.”



Source: TMZ