In the just concluded Open Mall Fashion Show [#OMF2017], which was produced by Harrison Akadidi at the Lagos City Mall, Onikan. In between the event was a magical story the world needs to know about. 

Its about an inspiring Muslim fashion designer by the name: Akinbile Muftiat Yetunde, The CEO of AMY Unique concepts.  READ more after the cut…

Before we get into the story, lets take a tour around the muslim practice in Nigeria (Africa). Nigeria has the largest population of Muslims in W. Africa. Muslims in Nigeria are predominantly Sunni in the Maliki school, which is also the governing Sharia law. 
Sharia Law is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. (In Arabic, the term sharīʿah refers to God’s divine law) – The Sharia law has held the muslim women from conforming to the western world and that also cuts them off from fashion and social life style. 
Now for the first time, a woman who practice the islam religiously has a message that shakes the very foundation of sharia law but also advocating a support for the islam tradition.
During the #OMF2017, Akinbile Muftiat was the third designer on the runway and during her speech she said: I came out today as a statement and advocacy to muslim women all around the world, That they can be fashionable, they can be fashionably muslims, that they can look beautiful even while wearing their muslim gear and more profound she said: more muslim women should take bold steps and reach out to the world with their crafts and designs. 
Prior to her debut on #OMF2017 (Her first fashion show) she has spoken to the organizer of the event in the person of Harrison Akadidi; that “Its a big deal for a religious muslim woman to be in a fashion show, show casing muslim attires… that most of her people have been asking too many questions on whether she is sure of her decision to showcase in a fashion show”.
After her debut on the runway, lots of news men present at the event rushed to do an exclusive interview with her.