James “Jas” Prince and Aspire Music Group are suing Birdman and Cash Money Records over money they claimed they were owed from Drake‘s first six solo albums.

According to Fader, Aspire Music Group is the label that claims they signed Drake back in 2008, meanwhile prince also claims that he discovered Drake. READ more after the cut…

They are both claiming that they are owed missing profits and copyright royalties from Drake’s first six solo albums.

In June 2009, Aspire Music Group claimed that they reached a deal with Birdman that would allow Drake to record under the label, under the condition that they would be given one-third of the next profits “from his first six albums plus one-third of the copyrights of his master recordings for those same albums”.

Aspire Music Group has asked the judge to get access to Cash Money’s financial records in order to see how much money they are being owed. According to Billboard, it could end up totaling in “tens of millions”.

Source: The Shade Room