Matt Jordan, an ex boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Kenya Moore took to Instagram on Thursday to call out the former Miss USA star after he filmed a season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta show without getting paid because he did not sign a contract.

He also talked about the “Africans (she) was selling (her) body to in Nigeria”. He has since deleted the post.


In response to a screenshot of his post where he mentioned selling her body to Nigerian men, Matt added:

Don’t mistake what I’m trying to say the only reason why she was f****** them is because they have money and they pay for her p***y

She was a part of but escort ring in Africa and Europe with a fly in woman from the US so they can f*** him King it was one of the top girls her little friend the little singer guy is the one who set it up.


Photo Credit: Instagram – @the_commentsection | @mimiubini