It is understood that involved parties get very excited about project releases that eventually never come to fruition, and thus fall victim to speaking too soon. This jumping of the gun happens all too frequently like in the case of Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album, Rick Ross and Drake’s collaborative project, and in this case, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” Afro-remix. The alleged remix was to feature Davido, Wizkid, and Ice Prince Zamani. Fetty Wap posted a video confirming this track, and both Davido and Ice Prince reposted the video on Instagram. Fetty Wap’s interest in the African sound does not come as a surprise as he was featured on a remix of Ayo Jay’s hit, “Your Number.”


All artists involved (with the exception of Wizkid) were vocal about the Trap Queen Afro-remix, so the non-release of the song comes as a surprise. What could have gone wrong to deter the song from coming into existence? The release of this so-called remix would have been right on time given that Afrobeats music began catching on in the US and even continued to gain more popularity in the UK. The original Trap Queen was a hit in 2014 and we are now approaching 2017. It does not seem likely that we will ever get this remix because Trap Queen has fizzled down in the two-and-a half year time frame that has passed since the song’s height in popularity.

An Afro-remix to Trap Queen could have been such as promising record and a win for everybody. Fetty Wapwas on fire and was breaking records with each single released. He could have gained a large fan base in Nigeria and other African countries, as well as spearheaded the welcoming of Afrobeats music to the US (this remix would have predated Drake’s “One Dance,” which arguably put the spotlight on Afrobeats).

There is no telling why the song was never released. Was it ever even recorded? If so, then will it ever be released? Also, how come only Wizkid did not repost Fetty Wap’s video advertising the purported remix? Hopefully we get answers someday.