Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week Day 1 has come to an end and here’s your BZB Fashion & LifeStyle Runway Recap.

Sisiano‘s collection titled Desert Rose, was filled with ruffles, bright reds and pastel colours, the femininity that the designer never misses. Models has rose-like adornments placed on their necks, maybe referencing the anatomy of a rose with the model’s body as the stem and head at the flower.

One notable thing at this runway show, when model Mayowa Nicholas stepped out, the crowd didn’t stop cheering till she walked off the runway!


sisiano lfdw_IMG_6011_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6020_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6028_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6035_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6044_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6052_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6066_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6078_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6095_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6102_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6116_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6124_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6138_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6147_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6159_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6166_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6176_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6191_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6203_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6217_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6234_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6242_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6257_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6267_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6275_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6289_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6299_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6313_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6321_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6337_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6373_bellanaija

sisiano lfdw_IMG_6377_bellanaija

Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)