Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week Day 1 has come to an end and here’s your BZB Fashion & LifeStyle Runway Recap.

Onalaja‘s collection was a good follow up to the designer’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week debut last year. The colour palette was just as expected, lots of neutrals with hints of metallics too. There was also an opening video with the famous Feminist speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


onalaja lfdw_IMG_5729_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5749_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5762_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5774_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5784_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5795_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5803_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5812_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5829_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5842_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5851_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5861_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5872_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5887_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5903_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5914_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5924_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5934_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5946_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5951_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5963_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_5986_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_6005_bellanaija

onalaja lfdw_IMG_6007_bellanaija

Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)